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Whether its riots outside a Manhattan bar, 80,000+ people marching in the streets of Seoul, or a rainbow flag flying amongst the crowd at a rock concert in Cairo, the LGBTQ+ community faces varying realities across the globe. I think it’s time to be loud and proud, and to make our presence known as members of an international community.

In more than 50 countries being gay is a crime, in nearly 10 you can get the death penalty for simply loving someone. In many countries in Africa and South Asia where its decriminalized, law enforcement often finds loopholes to persecute queer communities. If you’re reading this you probably don’t live in one of these countries, my site mostly reaches North America and Europe, but as a global community we can’t simply live in the comforts of a big city like Washington DC (like I do), where we can live our truth. I urge you to check out organizations like OutRight International that work to support the fight for LGBTQ+ rights across the world. Google things, read about the marches in Seoul, the murders in Egypt, the plight of others and take a moment to be thankful for whatever level of freedom you enjoy, even if it’s not perfect or absolute. Donate some money. Found a story that touches you? Share it. Recognize that we owe our reality to those that fought before us, and realize that we still have fights that need to be fought. Its time to loud, its time to be heard, its time to be proud!!

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each sticker is safe for indoor or outdoor use, you can even use it as a bumper sticker. They are about 3.5-4inches by about 1.5-2.5 inches depending on the language.